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Public Hearing Notice: Cancellation

The Town of Troutman Planning and Zoning Board Meeting of June 24, 2024 is cancelled due to the lack of Agenda Items.

The next Planning and Zoning Board Meeting is scheduled to be held at 6:00 pm, on July 22, 2024, at the Troutman Town Hall, 400 North Eastway Drive, Troutman, N.C.

Public Notice

Members of the Town of Troutman Town Council will be touring the Wastequip (Toter) Facility on Thursday, June 13, 2024, at 11:00 am located at 1735 Weinig Street, Statesville, NC, where a possible quorum may be present.

Town Council will not be conducting any Town business.

Public Notice: Board of Adjustment Meeting Cancellation

The Town of Troutman Board of Adjustment Meeting of June 20, 2024 is canceled due to a lack of agenda items. The next Board of Adjustment Meeting is scheduled to be held at 3:00 pm, on July 18, 2024 at the Troutman Town Hall, 400 North Eastway Drive, Troutman, N.C. 

Iredell-Rowan Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Counties of Iredell-Rowan Region invite you to 444 Bristol Drive at 3pm on Wednesday, June 12th to provide input on the Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan.  See Flyer for more information.

Public Notice: 2024-2025 Budget Review

The Town of Troutman’s proposed budget for FY 2024-2025 has been presented to the Governing Board and is available for inspection by the public at the office of the
Town Clerk, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday and on the Town of Troutman website

The Town of Troutman will hold a Public Hearing on June 13, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. in the Troutman Town Hall, 400 North Eastway Drive, Troutman, North Carolina. All citizens are invited to attend, provide the Town Council with written or oral comments, and ask questions concerning the Town’s proposed budget.

Public Hearing Notice

The Town of Troutman Town Council will conduct public hearings at Town Hall, 400 N Eastway Dr, Troutman, NC on the 13th day of June 2024 at 7:00 PM for the following purposes:

  • Annexations(s):
    • Case No. AX-24-04 (Non-Contiguous), Applicant: Applicant: William and Samantha Deal; 2.02 (+/-) acres; PIN(s) 44740688959 (774 South Main Street)
    • Case No. AX-24-05 (Non-Contiguous), Applicant: Applicant: Gerardo Cruz 1.227 (+/-) acres; PIN(s) 4721957792, 4721957529 (466 & 470 E. Monbo Road)
  • Rezonings(s):
    • Case No. CZ-RM-24-01 - 129 & 131 Shermill Lane (Atlas Principals, LLC). Request to rezone 13.45 (+/-) acres located at 129 & 131 Shermill Lane, North of S. Main Street, From RS (Suburban Residential) to CZ-RM (Conditional Zoning-Mixed Residential) for 49 townhome units.
    • Case No. RZ-24-04 – 774 South Main Street (Deal Property). Request to rezone 2.02 (+/-) acres located at 774 South Main Street, from Iredell County RA (Residential Agricultural) to Town of Troutman HB (Highway Business)
    • Case No. RZ-24-05 – 466 & 470 E. Monbo Road (Cruz Properties). Request to rezone 1.227 (+/-) acres located at 466 & 470 East Monbo Road, from Iredell County R-20 CUD (Single-Family Residential) to Town of Troutman RS (Suburban Residential) Text Amendment(s):
    • To consider TA-24-04 Text Amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance. Recommendation amending Table 6.2.2 Multi-tenant Monument Signs to allow for a sign 12’ in height.
  • Other:
    • To consider adopting the “Town of Troutman Water and Sewer System Development Fee Analysis, April 13, 2024” by West Consultants, PLLC. If adopted, the analysis will provide the basis for and establish an upper limit on water and sewer system development fees charged for new connections.

Wagner Street Resurfacing

NCDOT may be undertaking preliminary work for the purpose of the resurfacing of Wagner Street during the next couple of weeks.  The work will be taking place at night.  It is anticipated that the resurfacing of Wagner Street will begin within the next 2-3 weeks and that work will also be done at night. 


If you should have any question regarding the project please contact the NCDOT District Engineers office at 704-380-6040.


NEW! Online Facility Reservation Process

Troutman Parks and Recreation is excited to announce the implementation of CivicRec- an online recreation management system. This cloud-based system allows residents greater visibility into our department's activities, classes, programs, events, etc. and online registration and payment. It will also allow residents to search for and reserve community facilities, such as pavilions, shelters, and ballfields- all conveniently online. No more paper applications, mail in payments, or waiting for a return phone call. 

Please click HERE to access Troutman Parks and Recreation's CivicRec portal. Contact our department for any questions or support. 704-528-7600, option 3. 

Troutman Mobility Plan Draft Document

The Troutman Mobility Draft document is ready for review and comment.  Click above for more information and to view the document.

Update Your Contact Information

Update your phone number and email address with us so you can be sure to get phone calls, text messages, and emails with important Town information and happenings. Log on to the following website and update your information.

Senior & Special Needs Citizen Contact List

The Town of Troutman is gathering names, addresses, phone numbers, emergency contact person, and email addresses from senior citizens and special needs citizens who might need assistance or communication in times of inclement weather or other abnormal situations.

If citizens of Troutman would like to be on the list, please submit the following information to Troutman Town Hall via hand delivery (400 North Eastway Drive), mail (PO Box 26, Troutman NC 28166), or email

Get Involved with Your Town! Serve on a Board or Committee

A great way to be part of our community is to serve on a Town advisory board or committee. Applications are accepted year-round and may be downloaded from the Town’s website (under the documents tab) or picked up at Town Hall. No experience is necessary for most positions – just a willingness to learn about municipal services and an interest in serving the residents of Troutman.