Leaf & Limb Collection

Collection Guidelines

~  Leaf and Limb services are for customers inside town limits.

~  Limbs will not be picked up if they have been cut by professional cutters or trimmers.

~  Please take your leaves and limbs to the curb in front of your house the day before the first collection day. If it is not out before the crew comes through, then it will not be picked up.

~  Please put your leaves and limbs in separate piles.

~  Only limbs (under 4 inches in diameter) will be collected.

~  Christmas trees will be taken up with the January limb collection. See Printable Schedule Below

~  DO NOT put your leaves or limbs in bags.


If you have any questions, please call the Town of Troutman at (704) 528-7600.


Printable Schedule below.