Troutman Fire Department

Contact Information:
Troutman Fire Department Station 1 
125 North Main Street; Mailing Address: PO Box 22 Troutman, NC 28166 
Troutman, NC 28166

Fire Chief, Wesley Morris 


Phone: 704-528-4576

Fax: 704-528-3767


Troutman Fire and Rescue


Troutman Fire Department is a full-spectrum Fire and Rescue agency. We are a combination department meaning we have full-time, part-time, and volunteer personnel. Most of the department's staff are qualified first responders; many are EMT and NC Firefighter II certified.

In addition, the fire department team includes well-trained specialists in Vehicle Extrication, Swift water and Surface water rescue, Trench Rescue, High angle rescue, and Basic Life Support (BLS). Many of the staff members are technical rescuer (TR) certified.

The staff of Troutman protects the lives and property of the people living, working, and playing in the Town of Troutman as well as those in the Barringer and Fallstown (B&F) fire district. The B&F fire district extends beyond the town limits and is the more rural portion of our service area.

The department’s range of services extends beyond emergencies. We often provide rescue standby for large public events such as fairs, sporting events, rodeos, etc. Providing first aid at the scene in an emergency until EMS arrives.

With our 4wd ambulance, ATV, and UTV, we are able to provide transport for patients in inclement weather, rough terrain, and/or emergencies located extended distances off the roadway.

Troutman Fire & Rescue is funded by the All-County Fire Tax provided by Iredell County and the Town of Troutman residents. The fire tax rate is set by the Iredell County Commissioners. Every year the Department does an annual picture drive in our district. The funds received are used to purchase, replace, and maintain rescue equipment.

The Department operates three fire stations. Station 1 is the main station located on Main Street in Troutman. The administrative staff works out of Station 1. Station 2 is located on Perth Road and houses a Rescue Engine and Tanker. Station 3 is located on Pineville Road and houses a Rescue Engine and Tanker. Our current insurance rating is a 4/9 rating. All areas of our district are a class 4 with the exception of a small area that extends beyond our 5-mile district located at the end of Morrison Farm Rd which is a class 9. Our district population is approximately 17,000 residents with approximately 50 miles of shoreline on Lake Norman.

All calls are routed through the Iredell County Communications facility (ECOM), which may be reached any time by dialing 911. Depending on the nature of the call, the nearest and most appropriate first responder will be dispatched, whether that be fire, ambulance, rescue, police, or combination.

Iredell County Emergency Medical Services (ICEMS) operates two-county EMS bases out of the Troutman Fire District. These bases provide advanced life support (ALS) 24 hours a day. One base is located on Murdock Rd and the other base is in Fire Station 2 located on Perth Rd.