Adopt A Street Program

Town of Troutman’s Adopt-A-Street Program aims to encourage community residents and organizations to adopt residential blocks of streets within the Town that are not maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation and to keep them litter-free. The adopted areas are to be cleaned at least three times per year in an effort to maintain a healthy environment and to produce feelings of pride in our town. 


Applying to Adopt a Street:

  • Discuss the desired roadway availability with Town of Troutman Parks and Recreation.
  • Complete an Adopt-A-Street application. 
  • Complete a sign design form.

Program Details:

  • There is no fee associated with adopting a roadway.
  • There is a 3 year agreement between the Town of Troutman and the Adopt A Street volunteer(s).
  • Litter should be picked up at least 3 times per year. Volunteers are encouraged to clean their street more often, if needed.
  • Each participant in the Adopt-A-Street group must view North Carolina Department of Transportation’s “Safety Rules and Guidelines for Volunteers”.
  • Clean-ups involve both sides of the road within the adopted section of roadway.
  • Adopt-A-Street groups can obtain safety vests, gloves, and bags at Troutman Town Hall.
  • Adopt-A-Street signs with a recognition panel will be installed on the adopted roadway.
  • Whenever possible, recycling is encouraged.
  • Disposal of collected trash is required. If you are unable to dispose of the bags yourself, or come across harmful or unsafe items, please coordinate trash disposal with the Town of Troutman.
  • Notify Town Hall upon completion of litter/trash pickup.

Safety Requirements:

  • Volunteers are encouraged to wear a safety vests at all times.
  • Face oncoming traffic.
  • Stop work in inclement weather.
  • Avoid overexertion.
  • Do not remove hazardous substances.
  • Stay clear of any construction.
  • Volunteers should maintain a safe distance from the side of the road and stay alert and conscious of traffic.
  • Other common sense safety tips should also be followed.


Your participation in Town of Troutman’s Adopt-A-Street program is very much appreciated. The Town of Troutman commends you for your interest and efforts to keep Troutman clean, safe, and beautiful. If you are interested in participating in the Adopt-A-Street program, please contact Town of Troutman Parks and Recreation at (704) 528-7608 or