What you can do to Prevent Wastewater Overflows

  • Never put oils, liquid or solid greases, fatty meat, or other food scraps down a drain – even if you use a motorized garbage disposal.
  • Never flush paper towels, cotton swabs, matchsticks, or similar items.
  • Never use hot water to melt grease so it will go down the drain easier.
  • Never flush any of the items listed above down a toilet.
  • Always keep grease out of wash water by scraping dishes before washing.
  • Always remove solidified grease from kitchen utensils, equipment, wares, and food preparation areas with scrapers or paper towels. Dispose of scrapings and towels in trash cans.
  • Always allow hot liquid grease to solidify and dispose of properly.
  • Always place all food scraps in trash collection containers.
  • Always recycle restaurant grease by using contract rendering services and have grease traps cleaned and serviced frequently.
  • Report trucks discharging liquids or other substances into open municipal sewer manholes.
  • Report acts of vandalism on manholes, sewer lines, lift stations, hydrants, and other structures. 
  • Report illegal dumping of toxic, corrosive, or flammable substances into manholes, drains, or toilets.
  • Report such incidences to: Troutman Public Utilities at (704) 528-7616 (M-F; 8am-5pm) or 704-682-3835 (after hours and weekends)