Patrol Division

The Patrol Division of the Troutman Police Department is the backbone and most visible unit of our agency. Their mission is to be on patrol and ready to respond to calls for service 24 hours a day. The Patrol Division engages in proactive law enforcement such as enforcing motor vehicle laws, checking for criminal activity, and engaging in community policing activities when not responding to calls for police service. Our Patrol Officers are the first responding officers to calls for service and conduct initial and follow-up investigations of criminal incidents and motor vehicle crashes.


The Patrol Division consists of 4 squads, each led by a Sergeant, all of whom have advanced law enforcement training and several years of experience before being selected for their position. The Patrol Division is commanded by Lieutenant Daniel Stikelather.


Before serving as an officer in the Patrol Division each employee attends a 16-week Basic Law Enforcement Training Course where they undergo physical fitness training, instruction in police procedures, criminal investigation, de-escalation, defensive tactics, firearms, and pursuit driving. They also receive extensive training on Constitutional Law and North Carolina law. These officers then undergo a 3 to 4-month Field Training Program where they are trained by veteran officers before going on solo patrol duties. After completion of Field Training, our officers receive state-mandated in-service training along with specialized training throughout the remainder of their careers.