Apply for a Permit

Applying for a Permit

If you are applying for a permit for work related to the following:

  • Residential New Construction
  • Residential Addition
  • Residential Accessory Structure
  • Manufactured Home Setup
  • Non-Residential Interior Upfit
  • Non-Residential Change in Use
  • Non-Residential Accessory Structure
  • Sign Installation
  • Temporary Events
  • Retaining Wall
  • Swimming Pool

You must apply online through the Iredell County Central Permitting Citizen Self-Service Portal (

The County will forward the application onto Troutman Staff for zoning review and collect the required fees prior to issuing the appropriate building permit. 


For the following permit types applications will be submitted directly to Troutman Staff and payment will be accepted at the Troutman Town Hall in person or by phone.

  • Home Occupation
  • Peddlers License
  • Mobile Food Vendor
  • ABC License Application


For new non-residential and multi-family construction please contact the Troutman Planning Department as additional review is required prior to permitting the project. 



Click here to apply for a zoning permit