Shermill Lane Townhomes (CZ-RM-24-01)

Staff has received a conditional rezoning request located at 129 & 131 Shermill Lane.  The request is for Parcel Identification Numbers 4741-42-8488, 4741-42-7067, and 4741-42-5114.  The properties are approximately 13.55-acres in area.  The developer is proposing up to 49 townhomes.  The request is to rezone the property from Suburban Residential (RS) to Conditional Zoning - Mixed Residential (CZ-RM).  A conditional zoning district, if approved, is to be developed based on the submitted concept plan and agree upon conditions.  A community meeting will be required to be held prior to the Planning Board hearing the case.  The community is scheduled for April 30th at 6:00pm held at the Troutman Town Hall (400 N. Eastway Dr).  The Planning Board will most likely make a recommendation on the request at its May 28th meeting (6pm at Town Hall) and the Council will likely make the final determination at its June meeting (7pm at Town Hall).


Current Zoning: RS (Suburban Residential) District 

Proposed Zoning: CZ-RM (Conditional Zoning-Mixed Residential) District