Troutman ESC Park Master Plan

Background: ESC Park and P&R Department 

Troutman ESC Park consists of 30.1 acres located at 338 North Avenue. This site was made possible through the generosity of Engineered Sintered Components (ESC) and a partnership between the Town of Troutman, Iredell County,  and a passionate group of citizens that formed our initial formal Town of Troutman Parks and Recreation Committee.  ESC (now Keystone Powdered Metal Company) donated 5 acres of land, and the additional 25 acres are leased to the Town at $1 per year for 30 years. With the asset of this land donation, the Town could apply for the NC PARTF (NC  Parks and Recreation Trust Fund) grant in 2010 and was awarded $500,000 to break ground and begin construction on our first public park. The park and soccer fields opened to the public in May 2013 and the park continues to morph and grow as funding allows. The Parks and Recreation Committee served as the “hands and feet” of this department from 2010 until late 2015 under the direction of the Planning Director, making decisions, soliciting sponsorships and donations, executing fundraisers, and driving excitement for the park. A part-time employee was hired in late 2015; this became a full-time position in mid-2017; and the department split from the Planning Department and became its own Parks and Recreation Department in July of 2017. 

Master Plan: Park Amenities 

Troutman ESC Park’s master plan was carefully developed over a year in coordination with Benchmark Inc. to allow multiple meetings and methods, gathering an array of perspectives and input from students, neighbors, and the general public. This plan includes 3 phases of development, with the initial total projected cost of development being  $2.8 million. Phase 1 consisted of a fitness trail, nature trail, dog park, playground, and multi-purpose fields, and is now complete. Phase 2 included an amphitheater, interactive children’s fountain (splash pad), walking track around the soccer field, volleyball courts, and additional parking. The amphitheater remains unfinished, but otherwise this phase is complete. Phase 3 involves two softball/baseball fields,  basketball courts, pickleball courts, a concession stand/restroom facility. The basketball and pickleball courts will be installed by Summer/Fall of 2024. The baseball/softball fields are complete. The concession stand/restroom facility is all that remains unfinished. Development is ongoing and the community’s excitement remains consistent as we have continued to add new amenities over time. The master plan was initially adopted by the Board of Aldermen on January 13, 2011. The original goal was to have the master plan complete by 2020.   

The amenities included in the master plan were determined based on community needs, site analysis, local accessibility, and citizen feedback. The recreational needs of our citizens, schools, and community partners help direct our next steps.